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Car Care Software for Windows

Automotive Wolf Car Care Software Product Box
Designed for Microsoft Windows®
Car Care Free TrialDesigned to help any car owner keep their vehicle in top running condition, avoid costly repairs, and increase its resale value. Simply using the software will keep you Up-to-Date on all your car maintenance. Reminders will pop-up when a service issue is due and then automatically reschedule itself when completed. Track operating costs, fuel usage (MPG), create a parts list and predict the value of your vehicle over time as you accrue mileage.

Easily setup your vehicle to use the manufacturers recommended service schedule or create your own to your personal preferences. Create real gauges to monitor maintenance items and watch the Vehicle Health Gauge to check its status at a glance.

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Why spend your hard earned money on unnecessary repairs?
Join thousands of satisfied customers that use Automotive Wolf everyday to manage their vehicles. Quality car care software that's packed with features no other product can match!  One program that will handle all of your vehicles and includes LifeTime FREE upgrades.
Easy Setup!
Video demp for car care softwareAuto configure your car maintenance schedule in seconds (High, Med, Low) or tailor it to your personal preferences or manufacturers recommended service schedule.
Keeps you Up-to-Date on all vehicle maintenance
Predicts, Reminds and Emails you when service is Due.
Maintains a comprehensive service history log for all your cars
Searches an Automotive Database of over 44,000 Makes and Models to find your car
Car Care Software Reviewers Choice AwardTracks and Monitors your Fuel Efficiency / MPG
Create functional gauges to track any maintenance item
Informative Reports
Automatically compiles a detailed personal Parts List for each car
Tracks and analyzes all vehicle operating costs
Vehicle Overall Health Status Gauge
Increases the resale value of your car
Tracks multiple vehicles
Life-Time FREE Upgrades
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Automotive Wolf alerts you when any service is due and constantly analyzes your driving habits to be able to predict maintenance issues in the future. So even if you neglect to use the software for a while, it can notify you every time you boot-up your computer and automatically send you email reminders of upcoming required car maintenance.

Automotive Wolf CAR Care - 30 Day Free Trial - For Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10, Vista, XP (32 * 64 bit)
Take it for a Test Drive ... and take the confusion and frustration out of managing your car maintenance schedule

Only $29.95 Standard version - $39.95 PRO version
The PRO version includes unlimited gauges to track maintenance items and Automatic Email Reminder options when any maintenance is due

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BMW image Add the installation CDROM for an additional $5.00

Automotive Wolf Car Care Software
Designed to manage your preventive car maintenance schedule, remind you when service is due, track all your vehicle expenses, monitor your fuel efficiency, help you avoid repairs and keep your vehicle in top running condition.

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Automotive Wolf will alert you whenever any car maintenance is due. It  includes automatic Email Reminders.

The Car Care software every Car Owner should own:
Automotive Wolf was designed with all car owners in mind. Whether you are the average family car owner, backyard mechanic or car enthusiast you will now be able to keep track of your vehicle maintenance with ease

Car Maintenance made EASY
Manages your car maintenance schedule and tracks its service history so you know what needs to be done and when to do it

Good Car Care Saves you MONEY on Repairs
Avoid costly repairs and service shop scams by simply using the software and following the maintenance reminders

Text Message Reminders:
Receive Text Message Notifications to your phone when any maintenance is due, warranty service is required, emissions checks are needed or anything you think is important. Send text message reminders daily, weekly or monthly. Each notification specifies exactly what needs to be done to your vehicle.
Vehicle manufacturer recallsManufacturer Recalls:
Click on the Recalls option in Automotive Wolf (Pro version only) and see the Manufacturers issued recalls on your vehicle. NHTSA issues vehicle safety standards and requires manufacturers to recall vehicles and equipments that have safety-related defects.
Austin Davis Technical Consultant:

"For over 63 years my family has built a reputation in the auto repair business for being honest, dependable and for serving our customers at a fair price."
Author of the popular book
 "What Your Mechanic Doesn't Want You To Know"


Geek Files 5 Star Car Care Software AwardSoftpedia clean award for Automotive Wolf car care softwareTrack your maintenance schedule on almost anything!
Includes Specialized vehicle maintenance schedule requirements for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats and Lawn Mowers. We've also added support for tracking maintenance on "Hourly" items like generators, small planes, tractors and more.

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