Summer Car Care Tips | Gaadi News

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Check for the coolant level and top-up / replace accordingly. 3. Common sense should prevail when it comes to parking your car in day time. Try to park it in a shade of a tree or a building in order to keep the cabin temperatures as low as possible. If you have to park under the sun, rolling down the windows by a few millimeters is advisable as it allows for some amount of air circulation. Windows can be left partially open when leaving the car under the sun 4. When you start your car after it has been left in the open for a while, roll down the windows for a while as you start the air-con. This helps in recirculation of air. 5. Do not leave pressurized containers in the car if you have to leave it under the direct sun. Perfumes and deodrants can start leaking easily under high temperatures and likewise, cameras, phones and laptops can get damaged too. Never leave perfumes, lighters, Deo cans or other pressurized items in the car – they can leak 6. Use of window films is no longer permitted but the sun blinds can come handy. Use the windscreen blind when parking the car this reflects off the sun rays and helps maintain cabin temperature. Likewise, the side window blinds can also help control the inflow of warm sun rays. 7. Running the air-con at full speed will only contribute in increase in sound.