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Does your air filter need to be replaced? Q: My father always told me that I should change my oil every 3,000 miles. Q: Is it okay to rotate my tires earlier than 7,500 miles on a 2011 model year vehicle and newer? For longest automatic transmission life, have the fluid and filter changed every 24,000 36,000 miles. Generally, it is recommended that your first service be Maintenance I, your second service be Maintenance II, and that you alternate Maintenance I and Maintenance II thereafter. A: Yes. Q: When should I get my tires rotated? A: Yes, particularly if you notice signs of irregular wear appearing on the tires.

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Why? A no vote sends a strong signal of concern about the ability to live and do business in what is fast becoming a very expensive city. For that, we deserve better transportation planning and much better execution on transportation projects. Eugene Wasserman is a member of the North Seattle Industrial Association. Faye Garneau is a businesswoman and sponsor of charter district elections. The cost of living in Seattle is skyrocketing due to increasing rents, utility costs and taxes. Each day, residents are forced to leave a city they can no longer afford. Most disturbing, theyinclude retirees with fixed incomes who are being priced out of a place they have called home all their lives. Yet, should Proposition 1 pass, our 2016 city property tax would skyrocket. And what would we get for this obscene property-tax increase? Unfortunately, more of the same: a transportation program that has failed to deliver on its projects, has no real plans to reduce traffic congestion and fails to deliver on its promises.

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2016 Toyota Prius auto-show debut, 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (As before, the Prius One is expected to be a model with fewer features that is available only for fleet sales. It most likely won’t be offered right at launch, but later in the car’s model cycle.) 2016 Toyota Prius Enlarge Photo Every trim level except the Touring version, which will be the highest-spec model, will come with fabric seats and ride on 15-inch alloy wheels. The basic trim level, Two, does without a navigation system and features a three-spoke urethane steering wheel in both its Prius Two and Two Eco versions. One interesting detail on the Two Eco: It deletes the spare tire fitted to the regular Prius Two and replaces it with an inflator kit, presumably to reduce overall vehicle weight. ALSO SEE: 2016 Toyota Prius: Official Auto Show Debut At Frankfurt Motor Show Moving up to the Prius Three models adds a built-in navigation system, as well as a synthetic leather covering for the steering wheel. Adding the Touring package to the Three or Four models provides Softex synthetic leather upholstery and larger 17-inch alloy wheels, as well as advanced safety systems that include adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation. Those features can also be added separately on Prius Three or Four models as part of the Advanced Technology Package, which bundles them with a moonroof and a heads-up display for the driver. 2016 Toyota Prius auto-show debut, 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show Enlarge Photo Other options include a Premium Convenience Package for the Four and Four Touring, which adds parking assist and a premium JBL audio system. For the non-Touring Prius Four, adding that Premium Convenience Package requires specifying the Advanced Technology Package as well.

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