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Drivers who switch to per-mile car insurance drive 6% less. Metromile shares what a positive effect this could have. Metromile is no stranger to supporting those who drive less. In fact, Metromile’s pay-per-mile car insurance model is the ideal solution for the 65 percent of drivers who drive less than 10,000 miles per year. A recent report conducted by Metromile and Yale University showed there are major benefits to dialing back the miles. Metromile and Jim Levinsohn at Yale University recently released a report showing that Metromile test drivers who used Metromile’s smart driving app to measure mileage and later switched to per-mile insurance ended up driving 6% less after the switch. If everyone reduced their mileage by this seemingly small amount there could be significant impact on our economy and the environment including: There would be 150 billion fewer miles driven We could save $6 billion on road maintenance and $26 billion in accident-related costs Fewer cars on the road means fewer accidents and traffic backups- we could save 2,400 lives There would be 60 million metric tons less of CO2 emissions Through its Drive Less Challenge, Oregon is playing a big role in creating a brighter future. Last year’s Oregon Drive Less Challenge exceeded the effort’s million vehicle mile reduction goal. Oregonians across the state logged bike, walking, carpool, vanpool, transit and train trips, plus teleworking, equal to 1,082,491 vehicle miles and 749,024 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, plus saved over 38,507 gallons of gasoline and $286,091 in fuel costs by not driving alone. Metromile is looking forward to continuing to build the momentum. For more information about Metromile, visit or follow Metromile on Facebook , Twitter , and LinkedIn . To join this year’s Oregon Drive Less Challenge, sign up for free at . Then, from Oct.

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