Getting Gas Is The Hardest Part Of Owning An Exotic Car

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But there is one especially unusual thing about getting gas in an exotic car: other people. Before I get started here, I want to say that I love when car enthusiasts approach me at the gas pump. When I had my E63 AMG wagon, this is all that ever happened: I’d be sitting there, filling the car with gas, and a guy would walk up and start talking about his V70R, and we’d share this blissful moment where we both realized that we were spending approximately one-quarter of our annual income on maintenance. Eventually, we’d part ways with a manly fist bump. Normal people would never approach me when I had my AMG wagon, because they thought I had just borrowed my mom’s car, and also they wondered why there was some guy filling up his car without any pants on. But that’s not what happens with the Ferrari. What happens with the Ferrari is, everyone walks up to you at the gas pump, and they immediately start asking questions. What does it cost? What kind of mileage does it get? How fast is it? What year is it? Then they start click poking around the thing, as if they’re trying to verify these facts for themselves. After a while, you start to feel like you’re not driving a Ferrari, but rather hosting a yard sale where you’re trying to unload a used lawnmower. As I’ve thought about this issue, I’ve specifically identified three main types of Ferrari approachers, at least one of whom I will almost surely encounter at every single gas stop. They are: 1. Guy with other cool car, but he doesn’t have it with him. For some reason, there’s one of these people at every single gas station I visit. Basically, what happens is, they’re filling up some normal car, like a Mazda3, or a Honda Accord, or a plumbing van, and they see you roll in.

Aug. 23 at the Studebaker National Museum. The program will be presented by Ed and Melanie Herendeen, ASE-certified automotive instructors from Ivy Tech Community College. Cost is $10 for nonmembers and $5 for members continental breakfast, program, admission to the Studebaker National Museum and program certificate included. Subscription Required An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need an online service to view this article in its entirety. Have an online subscription? Remember me on this computer Screen Name or Email Or, use your facebook account: facebook or call our Subscriber Services Department at 574-235-6464. Long distance (outside St. Joseph County, Ind.), call toll-free 1-800-220-7378. You must login to view the full content on this page. Screen Name or Email Remember me on this computer Screen Name or Email Or, use your facebook account: facebook Need an account? Create one now. kAm!=62D6 A2C< :? E96 >FD6F>D 2C49:G6D =@E[ H9:49 😀 =@42E65 E@ E96 D@FE9 @7 E96 >FD6F>] %96 6G6?E H:== E2<6 A=246 C2:? @C D9:?6 2?5 36 AC6A2C65 E@ 86E 5:CEJ] %9:D AC@8C2> 😀 =:>:E65 E@ E96 7:CDE b_ A2CE:4:A2?ED] %@ C68:DE6C[ 42== {:6C6? 2E dfc\ abd\h__a @C 6>2:= k2 9C67lQ>2:=E@i==@C6?4oDEF5632<6C>FD6F>]@C8Qm==@C6?4oDEF5632<6C>FD6F>]@C8k^2m 3J pF8] a`]k^Am kAm%96 $EF5632<6C }2E:@?2= |FD6F> 😀 2E a_` $] r92A:? $E][ ;FDE H6DE @7 5@H?E@H? $@FE9 q6?5]k^Am We hope you’ve enjoyed your free articles on CLICK HERE to subscribe, and you will gain unlimited access to all of our digital products. Already a subscriber to the South Bend Tribune? CLICK HERE to activate your digital account for free!