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The car has been cleaned out, the Christmas decorations have been exchanged for the patio furniture and bikes, the gardens are starting to burst with all the colours of the rainbow, the house has been decluttered, and the windows have been washed. Although it may seem as though I have finished my spring “To-Do” list there is one [more] Starting the Day the SingleJo Coffee way I have never been a morning person. If given the opportunity to bound out of bed and embrace the day or snuggle under the covers and sleep the day away, I would always choose sleep. When I am forced to arise, I’m a walking zombie for at least an hour. I remember once a coworker told me shewas terrified to talk to me until I had had my first cup of coffee. Coffee is an [more] Contact Summer Car Care with Armor All #Giveaway As summer rolls around, our cars are subjected to a new array of troubles. Instead of fighting rust and damage from salt and ice, we now have to worry about dust, bugs and overheating. With summer road trips and trips the cottage on the schedule, it is important to keep your car in proper working order. A well kept vehicle is not only safe and dependable, but it helps to protect your environment andmaintain your vehicles value too. Before embarking on a family road trip this summer, keep these Car tips in mind: 1. Fluids Its important to be aware of all fluid levels in your car, not just gas and oil. Fluids such as Brake, Coolant/Anit-Freeze, Power Steering, Washer fluid, etc. are essential to ensuring your car is running smooth and in proper working order. 2. Battery Studies show that summer time, not winter, is the season where people experience car-battery troubles. Hot weather is known to shorten the life of your battery. 3. Tires It is important to regularly inspect your tires throughout the summer time for dry rot. High temperature can damage the rubber of your tires, causing them to dry out.A good way toprevent this is with Armor All Extreme Rim cleaner and Armor All Tire Foam . The Rim cleaner removesunsightly brake dust and protect tires from harmful elementsand the Tire Foamrestore tire shine and black colour, while protecting the rubber from cracking. 4. Carexterior – Summer time is a great time to keep up on the maintenance of the exterior of your car.Washing your caron a regular basis protects it from the natural elements, such as dirt and grime, fromharming the finish.